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The Auxana Community is an exclusive marketplace for experienced attorneys to build and grow an Outsourced General Counsel practice.

Auxana empowers solo practitioners and small firms with the resources, tools, and collaboration to succeed. Learn more:

The Need for Legal Entrepreneurism

There seems to be a pervasive feeling of “if it’s not broken, why fix it” in the legal industry and traditional law firm structure. But – it is broken for the clients – the fast growing businesses that power the economy. And, it is broken for innovative attorneys and young legal entrepreneurs struggling in the current structure. Client dissatisfaction is rampant. Attorney job satisfaction is low. It is an industry ripe for change.

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The Outsourced General Counsel Model

At Auxana, we are creating a community of innovative attorneys to change how businesses consume legal services and how attorneys provide those legal services.

The Outsourced General Counsel model can transition your practice to recurring revenue. Learn to control and drastically reduce overhead while leveraging shared services, marketing, and technology preferred partnerships.

Gain work life balance as you control your client book, work hours, and location.

Community and Collaboration

At Auxana we strive to promote and facilitate a collaborative community, culture, and healthy work-life balance through sharing best practices and providing access to tools that facilitate personal and professional growth. Auxana is committed to serving as a catalyst for change and personal development. Our Partners are selected by our leadership team to support our Auxana attorneys in building and growing their Outsourced GC practice. Through the Community, you will have access to exclusive content, webinars, and events hosted by our hand-selected Partners, fellow members, and other industry thought leaders.