Modern Recruitment in the Post-Digital Revolution: Using Auxana to Hire With Transparency

The digital revolution has transformed so much about our day-to-day lives, including how we communicate, shop, travel, date, and entertain. It’s even affected how we find, hire and collaborate with employees and partners. Instant communication, collaborative working regardless of distance, 24/7 access to resources and information, and social connectivity are huge benefits to an increasingly mobile workforce.

Online Attorney Recruitment

Online recruitment became a huge player starting in the 1990’s, and has in many ways positively affected the human resource industry ever since. Technology has helped recruiters gather information about applicants and match them to suitable positions, overall making the hiring process much quicker and easier.

That being said, the digital revolution isn’t all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to finding the perfect hire or partner. Because online recruitment generates such a large number of applicants, this has also expanded the candidate pool into an almost infinite sea of choices. While the options are more diverse and plentiful than ever, it also means you’re more likely to come across unqualified candidates, as well as multitudes of resumes that aren’t transparent enough to promote an efficient process. And there’s also the potential issue of user-generated content. If you’ve ever had to hire anyone before, you’ve likely come across a few candidates who didn’t seem to match up with their resumes or LinkedIn profiles. While individuals can share whatever information they’d like about themselves, there is no data to support or verify it. Using a profiling service like Auxana gives you real data about our professionals. 

Speaking of transparency, the behavioral and personality aspect can easily become jumbled when the recruitment process is done online, or even through an outside staffing resource. Crucial aspects such as professional ethics, culture fit, and communication style can all be lost in translation — or even completely unevaluated — when left to technology or a recruiter to handle. Enter Auxana’s Trust Initiative: a scientifically-based analysis that identifies natural strengths and behaviors within teams. This building of trust through transparency becomes key component in the modern hiring process.

This is where Auxana can make a big difference. Not only are Auxana attorneys systematically vetted, but we also offer a robust marketplace of additional business partners and support resources who are also vetted and recommended by other attorneys and businesses. 


Save Yourself the Hassle By Utilizing Auxana for Your Outsourced General Counsel Needs

If your business is scaling you’ve probably already considered hiring in-house counsel, or may have already engaged with a traditional law firm. This makes sense, after all, because your legal requirements have evolved from one-time projects to recurring needs. You’re likely at a stage where your business requires more contract negotiation, employee management, and possibly M&A. Risk management comes up in board meetings, as does the creation of policies and workflows that help the engine of the company run smoothly.

At this stage of your business’ legal needs, I advise you to look into another option that you may not have considered — the outsourced general counsel. At Auxana, we offer an entire community marketplace of vetted, experienced attorneys who offer their services as outsourced GC. Auxana outsourced GCs are screened through a myriad of requirements, including a minimum number of years in practice, industry-relevant experience, location, billing and fee structure, and even their efficient utilization of technology. 

What does this mean for you? Besides an alternative to the aforementioned legal options, it means you can hire a vetted fractional executive to whom you can contract your industry-specific legal needs to, utilizing a flat-fee schedule. This allows you to save money and gain a predictable line item on your monthly budget for legal. If you’ve ever found yourself weighing the benefit vs. the cost of simply picking up the phone and calling your attorney, you already know what it’s like to dread unpredictable legal fees. No one wants to feel the pain of poor legal economic incentives, such as the billable hour. Auxana GCs promote the intelligent use of resources, which means economical and productive solutions leading to positive outcomes for your business. Our attorneys are here to find the most efficient and transparent ways to meet your business’ goals, turning your legal into a growth engine, rather than just another cost center.

This also means that you won’t get “stuck” in a bad contract or with bad hire. If come to the realization that your hired law firm or in-house counsel isn’t a great fit for your organization, you’re likely facing the reality of having to break a contract, let a contract run its course, or going through the termination process. None of these options are preferable, economical, or efficient uses of your time. With Auxana, you can feel confident in engaging with out vetted and experienced outsourced GCs. Worse case scenario? Even if you decide that your Auxana attorney isn’t the right fit, all engagements are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time, for any reason. Membership for company access to our directory is free, for as long as it takes for you to find that right fit.

Who wouldn’t prefer a legal solution that provides your business with predictable and transparent fees, advisement that’s specific to your company and industry, and is already vetted by legal industry professionals? But it doesn’t stop there. Auxana can also provide you with additional vetted resources and business partners.


Vetted Resource Partners Can Help Drive Business Growth

The Auxana community also showcases executive partner resources that can help address your business’ needs in a myriad of ways. This community marketplace allows you to “shop” through an exclusive directory of experienced business experts who provided trusted and vetted solutions to their business clients. Whether you’re looking for help around business development and leadership coaching, wellness advisement, commercial real estate and leasing, accounting or bookkeeping, financial or tax services, technology solutions, Auxana provides resources and collaboration for it all.

Our expert advisors and partners have a shared goal of supporting and growing your business. These resource partners can be especially helpful when faced with one-time business objectives or special projects. I recommend to always consider your need vs. your business objectives. If the need doesn’t fall in line with your overall objectives (E.g. You own a retail store selling outdoor equipment and  you need help rebuilding your website), why would you hire someone internally to fill such a specific need/role? Outsourcing these projects to our trusted business partners can help save money in your budget, as well as the headache of the search. Why waste time shopping around and asking for referrals and recommendations? Auxana’s already done that for you.


Our Trust Initiative Means You Can Hire With Confidence

The digital revolution has created a world of seemingly endless options, which is wonderful…until it comes time to choose. When you’re running a business, you shouldn’t need to fret over legal spend or trying to determine the business resources you can trust. Auxana’s “trust initiative” means that you can “try before you buy” and hire with confidence. Break away from all the digital chatter, and use Auxana to collaborate with trust.