The Intersection
of Business and Legal


We believe in a smarter, more wholistic approach to client servicing where Legal Services, Professional Services, and Technology co-exist in a scalable ecosystem. Piloted by a leadership team with diverse backgrounds and expertise, we aim to dramatically improve access to – and efficiency within – these services. We help our clients minimize risk, reduce outside legal spend, and unlock maximum growth potential.


By leveraging the Arizona Supreme Court ABS Program, we strive to exemplify the benefits and efficiencies of consolidating legal and professional services in a scalable, technology-backed ecosystem.



Auxana attorneys provide fractional Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and Outsourced General Counsel (OGC) services to established funds, their portfolio of clients, startups and growth-stage companies.

We work alongside our clients’ executive team to manage outside legal spend across their business and/or portfolio, while minimizing risk and aligning with strategic growth objectives.


Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds as successful operators at startups, growth-stage and mature companies. Their breadth of experience encompasses all aspects of the business lifecycle and they come ready to provide our clients with fractional business advisory services.

Our services are crafted to compliment and integrate seamlessly with our other business units.


We like to say that our organization is comprised of industry leading people operating on a technology backbone. Our software-agnostic offering utilizes best of breed technology, coupled with a proprietary platform and workflows.

For attorneys, we aim to empower them to work smarter, not harder. For our clients, we strive for a level of self-service and resources unmatched by other firms.